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22 Jul 2020

The term "art for social change" is problematic, because art and culture is inherently social. Community artist François Matarasso brings to light how the term "implies that artists can identify desirable social change better than other people, that they have the resources and capacity to bring it about, and that they have the right to do so as an outsider [...] If you don’t specify the goal of your work, there’s little difficulty in finding reasons to think you have met it as you drive away."


"Social justice" provokes questions, deeper consideration and more specific measures of impact. This is hard work and requires action.

"Social change" is a vague ambition that leads to the illusion of achievement - so how can we do work that goes beyond our good intentions? Are we willing to commit, to act, to combat social injustice where necessary? Can we implement this into our practice?

22 Jul 2020

What can art do for those who live in circumstances of higher risk, violence or crisis? If given creative and artistic opportunities, how could these diverse voices transform their worlds, and how we relate to one another?

However, does the temporary access offered through applied theatre programmes for these individuals reproduce or reify further "the deficit discourse that so often marks the bodies of transient and precarious young people"? (Busby, 2020) 


In On Access in Applied Theatre and Drama Education, Busby rightly questions: "What happens to these precarious bodies when the curtain comes down on an applied theatre programme and artists and researchers return to their privileged positions? What responsibility does each bear always tended to while moving in, through, and moving out of such a creative process?"

15 June 2020

Whether it is alongside marginalised communities or individuals furloughed during the Covid-19 lockdown, how can we create high-quality artistic opportunities for continued personal and professional growth?

31 May 2020

Creative arts are both a form of expression and activism. Only by discovering our unique and collective narratives can we connect to others.


Theatre is a means of doing this and - most importantly - encouraging empathy. We must therefore produce creative and artistic engagement opportunities wherever possible.

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